Think green - future-oriented, efficient, resource-saving

Environmental protection and resource conservation are essential for a successful business in the modern logistics industry and an important part of our corporate philosophy. As an international logistics company, we therefore have a special responsibility to think in terms of resources, to take measures to protect the environment, and to invest in our future. We use efficient solutions and are always guided by sustainable, technological developments – to support our aim of green logistics.

Modern vehicle fleet - reducing CO2 emissions

In order to transport for the different industries as effectively as possible and in the short possible time, we have a modern fl eet with many different vehicles. Driving with particularly environmentally friendly Euro 6 vehicles is our top priority. 100% of our vehicle fl eet complies with this standard, so we guarantee optimised fuel consumption and state-of-the-art emission standards. This saves resources, reduces energy and diesel consumption and CO2 emissions. This not only helps our environment, but also benefi ts our customers, because they save valuable costs. We also use Energy Efficient tires with the 4-life principle of the Michelin brand. We are also looking into the future, with the aim to manage our fl eet innovatively, cleanly and effi ciently. We rely on alternative propulsion technologies through innovative engines and electric drive. We intend to introduce the fi rst electric trucks on the roads into our fl eet as soon as possible.


Sustainable employee retention

Our employees are our engine and the most important resource in our company. That is why we are a fair employer with social working conditions. These include continuous training opportunities; optimal workplace design and workplace health management. With annual employee training, driver training and family corporate events, we promote identification with our organisation and form the work-li- fe balance approach for our employees. In order to encourage creativity in the multitude of guidelines, we rely on joint sports activities with our employees. Side effect is also the positive health influence.

Route planning and shell cooperation

Navigation and digital communication are the basis of our sustainable fl eet management. Our vehicles are equipped with telematics system and mobile radio to ensure accurate resource and route planning. Through the connection to our transport and logistics software, we always have an overview of the location of our trucks and can see the status of orders from any vehicle. This makes it possible to increase utilization of the load volume and also to reduce traffic related emissions. The aim is to continuously improve the operational processes of the transports. We are also Shell FuelSave Partner. With the fuel management system developed by Shell, we are able to emit less CO2 by saving fuel. On the other hand, the direct control and analysis of the driving behaviour is to increase the fuel effi ciency on the basis of a multitude of criteria.

Internal sustainability levels

The in-house truck wash system ensures a clean appearance of our fleet. By investing in a water treatment plant and a rain cistern can be largely dispensed with the use of valuable drinking water. In terms of sustainability, we always ensure regular maintenance of the entire fleet and facilities. We conserve resources and use environmentally friendly materials in our work processes. As a new sustainable diesel fuel from renewable resources, we use C.A.R.E Diesel.This has a clean life cycle assessment, significantly less nitrogen oxides, particulate matter, carbon dioxide, hydrocarbons in the engine combustion and reduced soot development during combustion.