As a competent, reliable and independent family business with more than 30 years experience, we provide the best services for our customers and partners in the entire area of supply chain management. This allows us cross-company, process-oriented planning and control across the entire value chain, which shortens decision making processes and accelerates the implementation of long term development plans. Founded in 1990 by Ingo Prüstel as a beverage wholesaler, we expanded in the following years mainly in the following sectors:

  • Beverage Logistics
  • Paper Logistics
  • Building material logistics
  • Automotive Logistics
  • Steel and aluminum logistics
  • Recycling logistics

PRÜSTEL sees itself as a trusted partner and service provider for the manufacturing industry and trade. We leave nothing to chance, focusing on the idea of innovative uncomplicated solutions, which are effective and personal for our customers.




4 %

Sales growth

80 %

Direct customers


Years of company success





As a logistics company, humanity and trust are top priorities for us. A key priority is to build a close working relationship with our customers. Therefore we focus on building individual customer partnerships based on trust and close working relationships between our respective teams. For our customers, we are always a fair and strategic partner focusing on work oriented solutions. Together we grow in our challenges.



Values such as safety, high quality, reliability, close partnerships, sustainability and, above all, high fl exibility form the foundation of our work. We always strive to act according to this maxim. This approach is paramount and applies not only in longterm cooperation with our customers, but also with our supplier partnerships.


"Security creates trust."

Safety is at the heart of all our actions - internal or external. We guarantee every employee occupational and social security as well as health protection. It is always our goal to not only give our employees a feeling of security, but also to make it their reality.

High Quality

"The quality of our goals determines the quality of our future."

Quality and quality assurance are a integral part of our company. The requirements of our customers, legal regulations for the protection of humans and the environment as well as the economy, are of primary importance. The company objective is, and remains, the constant expansion of the services offered to the customers.



"You can rely on us."

The „GPS eye“ allows us to monitor the progress of the transport at all times and to determine the location of our customers goods. Timely delivery and care are the highest priority.




"We adapt to your needs."

We rely on regional, national and international transports with over 180 vehicles with corresponding semi-trailers and trailers. Our large indoor and outdoor storage areas are over 48,000 m². Our flexible storage structures and the individually adapted vehicle fleets, enable us to efficiently implement the customer‘s requirements.


"Strong together."

We focus on long-term partnerships with our customers as well as with our suppliers. In nearly 30 years of company history, we have been able to gain specialist experience, develop broad industry knowledge and develop versatile skills and services. We use these competencies daily for our customers and business partners.


"Think sustainably and steer successfully into the future."

The globalization of our business and the broader economy requires a resource conscious thinking and approach. Above all, sustainable logistics means reducing CO2 emissions, reducing fuel consumption and focusing on environmentally friendly and energy effi cient deliveries. This sustainable thinking is always one of our key priorities.




"From a family business to an international player"

Our company has been operating for two generations, and has developed into a Europe-wide transport and logistics service provider. Founded in 1990 by Ingo Prüstel in Callenberg / Saxony as a beverage wholesaler, the location expansion continued in 2012 in Gilau and in 2014 in Hartheim. Thanks to years of experience and the courage to make visions a reality, we have always been able to comply with the requirements of the markets and also helped shaping them.


Short distances play a major role in logistics and especially in transport. We guarantee the effective processing of products and services through our branches and warehouses accross Germany. Over 30 years operating experience has shown us that customer proximity and well planned infrastructure ensure satisfaction on both sides of the supply chain. Our strategically chosen logistical locations enable us to offer fast and effective transportation of the goods entrusted to us.

Since our foundation, we have remained a family owned company. Today, in the second generation, father, Ingo Prüstel and son Florian Prüstel, are jointly leading the company.

We are working and living up to our responsibilities for our future generations that will one day continue the business. This affects our strategy and shapes our philosophy for long term relationships with customers and employees.

Corporate headquarters Callenberg/ Saxony

Callenberg in Saxony is the home of the main headquarters of our logistics company. At this location we work on innovative logistics models and solutions for our customers and partners as well as further development of the infrastructure for transport and warehouse management. Our experience and focus in Callenberg are in the areas of beverage, paper, building materials and automotive logistics. From Saxony we arrange partial and full loads to all over Europe.

Hartheim/ Baden-Wurttemberg

In addition to the distribution of Europe-wide part and full load transports, our focus in Hartheim is also on regional and nationwide groupage logistics in the tri-border areas of south-west Germany, France and Switzerland.

We operate 12T vehicles, which guarantee us flexibility on our routes. We are a part of a logistics cooperation in Hartheim that provides the most efficient solutions for our customers. Following the construction of another new modern temperature controlled logistics hall, we offer an additional storage area of approx. 2,000 sqm with flexible ramp facilities. We are also expanding our contract logistics business and increasing our service portfolio with numerous value-added services.

Gilau/ Rumänien

The subsidiary PRUESTEL Spedition SRL in Ro- mania serves our cross-border logistics route through Central Europe. The transport in par- tial and full load transport runs our fleet from Romania via Hungary, Austria, Switzerland, France, to the Benelux countries or to Northern Spain. Vehicles such as Tautliner, Megaliner and Walking-Floor semi-trailers are used. In order to promote qualified young talent, an academy was set up in Romania, which trains prospec- tive motorists and offers them valuable work- shops in this driving area, sensitizes them to the topic of securing cargo and convey basic truck knowledge. The expansion of various warehou- sing services is already being planned for the Gilau site.


Since our founding we are a family owned company. Today, in the second generation, father, Ingo Prüstel and son Florian Prüstel are jointly leading the company.

As a family-owned business, we are working and living up to the responsibility of an upcoming generation that will one day continue the fortunes of the business. This affects our strategy and shapes our relationship with customers and employees.


Florian Prüstel

Head of Business Development

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