Logistics & Services

Supply Chain

All our logistics are based on innovative and modern supply chain management structures. As a full-service provider for logistics, we accompany our customers along the entire value chain and successfully implement crucial core processes. Our services are based on tailor-made logistics solutions, optimal links and continuous further development, from the planning, organization, control, control and optimization of material and goods flows and the associated information flows. As a reliable logistics partner, with a comprehensive range of services and cross-company, process-oriented planning, we stand for the success of our customers.

Transport logistics

Traveling Europe-wide - at the right time at the right place

To ensure that our customers’ goods are in the right place at the right time, our logistics are based on intelligent management.We plan modern network transports, look for cross-industry solutions and ensure smooth freight transportion with our modern, digital vehicle fl eet. We offer our customers comprehensive transport services in regional, national and international transport. With our affi liated network
of experienced cooperation partners, we provide logistic expertise for the world-wide distribution of your individual range of goods. In order to be able to offer our customers nationwide, seamless and customer oriented solutions in a growing Europe, we have added new locations for our traffic. This puts us in a position that enables us to react fl exibly and quickly to your requirements and to meet your demands
at any time.
We solve your transport tasks:

  • regional, national and international partial and full loads
  • over 145 vehicles with corresponding semi-trailers, trailers and special equipment
  • modern and environmentally conscious vehicle fleet
  • high precision in load securing & safety
  • on time and reliable

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Warehouse logistics

We make space for your logistics solutions - economically and safely

In terms of the supply chain, our warehouse logistics is the central interface between production and distribution. Through structured and effective work, we offer our customers modern, safe and flexible warehousing solutions in the form of outdoor and warehouse storage with different specifications. The professional, clean, and temperature-controlled storage of your goods comes first. With dynamic storage strategies, we focus on your quality expectations and help you reduce your production costs and optimize processes. The maximum transparency is provided by modern IT systems that are individually tailored to the customer. Thus, we are available to you in the context of holistic logistics concepts or flexible according to your needs.

Value Added Services

Services along the supply chain management

The increasing individualization of markets and target groups requires a timely adaptation of the required products and services. With our comprehensive logistics services, we offer our customers an effective service package along the entire value chain and a wide range of logistics services from procurement to production, distribution and disposal. Our efficient logistics structures, great flexibility and well-trained staff ensure that your cargo reaches its destination in the best possible condition.

Procurement logistics

We guarantee on-time delivery as well as a quality compliant delivery solution for your raw materials and semi-finished products. We achieve this by combining our versatile fleet and Europe-wide network with a high degree of operational flexibility in order to implement and meet your needs.

Production logistics

With our efficient logistics management, we can help our customers to produce planned quantities with minimal lead times.

Distribution logistics

Directly from production or also from stock we distribute the products of our customers on national and international level.

Disposal logistics

We not only transport the end products of our customers but also their production residues. In this area we can also draw on many years of experience.

Benefit from our numerous modern service activities::

  • Regular quality controls
  • Co-packing: packaging / repacking and order picking of products
  • Labeling
  • Packaging of the goods
  • Display construction
  • Merchandise management
  • Tracking options
  • Final assembly of products
  • IT networking

More than just logistics: our industry-specific value-added services

As a full-service logistic service provider, we offer you comprehensive additional services and valuable solutions before, during and after the classic transport and warehouse business, which ensure holistic optimization of the value chain. This way we take over of all your logistic steps, which contribute to the fact that your product reaches the distribution goal in optimal condition. We flexibly orientate ourselves to your individual needs and implement the processes that have been coordinated with you specifically. By offering numerous value-added services, we relieve you as our customer and support you all the time, saving you valuable time and money. Instead, you can fully focus on your core business.

Benefit from our numerous modern service activities:

  • Regular quality controls
  • Co-packing: packaging / repacking and order picking of products
  • labeling
  • packaging of the goods
  • Display construction
  • merchandise management
  • tracking options
  • Final assembly of products
  • IT networking

Quality management

Standardized solutions and optimized processes


In modern logistics, safety and quality requirements are extremely important as they provide continuous monitoring and improvement of internal processes. The constant optimization of quality and the realization of the quality goals of our logistic services along the entire supply chain are integral parts of our corporate policy. Each of our employees contributes to the achievement of our quality goals with their personal skills and experience, commitment and qualifications.

In order to ensure the fulfilment of our quality goals, we have set ourselves the task of finding the fastest and most cost effective solutions combined with a sustainable approach to logistical challenges while optimising the flow of information. All activities relevant to quality and safety are precisely and consistently monitored, planned and controlled. The most important goal of our quality management is agreed with our customers. Team orientation, reliability, trustworthiness and ongoing quality assurance are key performance indicators (KPI’s) in measuring and guaranteeing a high level of customer satisfaction.