Beverage logistic

Founded as a beverage wholesaler, beverage and consumer goods logistics is one of our core competencies, which we have developed over the years. With constant growth, this industry requires constant adjustments and innovative concepts.

With 27 years of experience and the competence of our driving staff, we guarantee the smooth running of your customer order. For products of the beverage industry, we offer evry stage from goods receipt, storage, picking services to the delivery of drinks. We meet the highest standards of food hygiene and delivery reliability. This is transposed by trained drivers, as well as the experienced and technically competent disposition. Timely distribution is part of the daily responsibility.

Paper logistics

For the paper industry we move several million tons of paper a year. The flow of material, from the delivery of paper rolls to further processing into corrugated cardboards for the packaging industry, to waste paper recycling, is becoming increasingly important in process optimization in the paper industry.

Thanks to the well-engineered Joloda loading system, transporting large paper rolls is no problem. Securing your paper rolls is always guaranteed by longitudinally embedded steel rails, lashing straps and additional wedges. This is based on our experienced employees, who transport the material with the appropriate know-how. In addition to the costs, time and delivery quality are important criteria for the customers of the paper industry. For the papermaking companies, this not only means that the goods have to be on time, but also that they should not get demaged in transit.

Building material logistics

With state-of-the-art transport and loading facilities, we offer our construction industry customers reliable building material and finished parts transported directly to the construction site or to the dealer at the warehouse.

Especially in the field of construction site supply with building materials, the delivery „just in time“ is indispensable, in order not to let the entire and temporal course of a construction project stall. In addition to the supply of raw materials, we also transport finished products, such as precast concrete parts. With the help of inloaders, flatliners and tandem trains with transportable forklift trucks, certified transport measures we guarantee you reliable and safe transport. Even large components with oversize are reliably routed to the desired destination. Driving skills and the high level of expertise of our skilled workers ensure that the goods to be delivered are safely and punctually on the spot.

Automotive logistics

Rising requirements of end customers and constantly growing innovation cycles make the requirements in the automotive industry increasingly complex, more individual but also more diverse.

Logistics is one of the most important components and pivot point for processes in which a large number of components have to be integrated. Quality, reliability and flexibility play an essential role. With experience and competence, we create reliable supply structures between car manufacturers and the supply industry, ensuring that the supply of components and parts run smoothly and reliably. Continuous quality management helps us to sustainably improve our processes.

Steel- and aluminium logistics

Special requirements for their logistics partner are companies from the steel and aluminum industry. We transport heavy cargo efficiently with special equipment and coil liners.

Our range of services for the metalworking companies in Germany and Europe is versatile. Whether raw material procurement of heavy or light metals, the safe transport of coils or the disposal of metal scrap - we work hand in hand and always have the right solution. Our fleet is optimally equipped for the safe and damage-free transport of coils, wires, long goods and other metal products and offers maximum reliability. The subject of cargo safety occupies a central position. Competence and expertise enable optimal solutions for your specific job.

Recycling logistics

In the manufacturing industry, the most diverse production residues accumulate. As a logistics company, we have many years of experience in the field of proper waste management and recycling.

The disposal of production residues requires qualified, clean and supervised logistical solutions for the transport from the point of origin to the recycler. Whether transporting, recycling or marketing, we help you to find cost-effective, sustainable and legally compliant ways of recycling. With our well-equipped vehicle fleet, we transport your recovery material safely and professionally.