Safety and responsibility in road traffi c not only
affects each individual driver, but also, of course,
the developers and manufacturers of tractors and
semitrailers, as used in the logistics industry. To-
gether with the trade magazine Verkehrs- Rund-
schau, megatrailers from various manufacturers
will be tested for their suitability in road traffi c.
They will be tested and pushed to their limits
under a wide range of conditions over the next
few months. Prüstel Logistics, is one of the lea-
ding medium-sized logistics companies, which is
engaged in the development of its own training
academy for qualifi ed professional drivers, and
providing its highly experienced drivers to over-
see the project. The various tests will be held on
the test site of the driving safety centre at the
Sachsenring. Safety and responsibility in road
traffi c were also key topics of the event Verkehrs-
Rundschau Gala 2019 in Munich, in which Federal Minister of Transportation Andreas Scheuer
also took part as a guest of honour. The event is
considered to be the industry get-together at the
beginning of the year and annually brings more
than 300 representatives from freight forwarding,
politics, the commercial vehicle industry and lo-
gistics IT. Together, they meet with the aim of jo-
intly shaping the future of the industry. The test
report can then be read throughout Germany in
the Verkehrs-Rundschau.