As a logistics company we are only as good as our machines. We must always remain at the cutting edge of technology in order to consistently improve work processes and thus ensure increased productivity.
Our 4-way stacker combines three different machines in one: front, side and narrow aisle trucks.
A special feature are the truck’s wheels, which can be turned quickly forwards, backwards and sideways. This allows even very long loads to be transported safely through narrow hall gates and around obstacles. The high manoeuvrability of this forklift truck, as well as the sideways transport, enables an optimal storage density and fast turnaround times. After all, time is money in logistics too!
In addition, the depth of the truck can be adapted to the width of the aisle by using narrow aisles. Even narrow aisles are then no longer an opponent and we can make full use of existing storage capacities.
The low centre of gravity of the integrated platform offers a high degree of stability and makes risky manoeuvres in the high areas unnecessary. Since the driver’s cab is not located at the front, as is the case with many other forklifts, but at the side of the extendable mast, the driver’s visibility is significantly improved. This reduces the risk of product damage and ensures increased safety on the company premises.
This reliable workhorse thus helps us to optimize processes for our customers and thus reduce overall production costs.