Closely one week after the MotoGP on the sachsenring quietude returnes in Callenberg and we can get back at our day-to-day business. Neverthless we look back at an incomparable weekend with exciting moments and encounters.

For us the race week has begun on Wednesday with the participation on the Charity Run of SachsenringGP in favour of the SOS children`s village in Zwickau. Going for a jogg at the 3.7 km GP- course during bright sunshine was on the program. 250 runners took part and had the chance to collect 5.500 EUR of raised money, thereof 25 participants from the Prüstel „family“ (Prüstel logistics & PrüstelGP)

On Thursday in the morning we welcomed ServusTV at our head office in Callenberg for a video shoot „ A peek behind the scenes of a racing team“ and at the evening weh ad our sponsors` evening on the Sachsenring. A strict but still unique program before the great MotoGP Weekend.

On Friday the time has come – exactly 9 o`clock our Prüstel-GP pilots Jakub Kornfeil and Filip Salac drove the first time on the course this weekend. Fort he Saxon racing stable it should be a magnificent Grand Prix in front of the domestic setting and in the end also no one was disappointed. Both pilots had a great run this weekend on the Sachsenring and held the flags oft he Prüstel family high. We are proud of our guys, even though they were a bit unlucky in the end and only reached 10th(Kornfeil) and 13th place (Salac). We had kilometres of leading at Sachsenring, were at the front in all sessions of the batch and that is something we can be happy about!

It was an unforgettable weekend and we thank all our employees, costumers, partners and friends that they are a part of our Prüstel family.