As a partner and supporter of the team we are very proud of our Boys and Girls that spared no forces to cover the 900 km long course from Nieder-Olm to Paris in 7 days! With this magnificant dedication a total of 150.000€ for the German Childhood Cancer Foundation could be generated.

Why we do all of this: Every year more than 250.000 children suffer from cancer. Every illness is a heavy blow for the kids concerned and their whole family. Worldwide many doctors, scientists, institutes and hospitals work together to improve the treatment options and increase the chances for cure. Team Rynkeby has tasked itself to support this fight. We as a partner of team Rynkeby – hohes C support the German Childhood Cancer Foundation. Often pictures say more than thousand words, therefore it was made a really stirring film describing what we do.

Here you`ll see some impressions of this years tour to Paris